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Swimming pool stolen from yard

PATERSON — Daisy Valdivia is annoyed that someone stole her backyard pool — and baffled at how they did it without leaving behind a splash, drip or trace of the 1,000 gallons of water it contained.

Mrs. Valdivia awoke to find her family’s hip-high, inflatable, 10-foot diameter swimming pool gone from her back yard Wednesday.

Mrs. Valdivia told the Record of Bergen County that the theft must have occurred between 1 a.m., when her husband went to bed, and 5 a.m., when she awoke. She was amazed someone could steal the pool that quickly and just wanted to know “what … they did with the water,” she said.


‘Smile’ dentist frowns on utility

NEW YORK — A dentist who specializes in “smile improvements” sued utility Consolidated Edison for $25 million for not being able to use his office since last week’s steam-pipe explosion in Manhattan.

Self-described celebrity dentist Bruce Haber, 55, said he has had no access to his office since July 18, when an 83-year-old underground steam pipe ruptured during evening rush hour, sending a geyser of debris, vapor, asbestos and water hundreds of feet into the air.

“It’s been emotionally horrible. It’s been professionally devastating,” he said, adding that he and his staff raced down 25 flights of stairs to flee, thinking a bomb exploded and the building might collapse.

The lawsuit was filed yesterday in New York State Court and is the second brought against the utility since the explosion. A woman who witnessed the explosion and whose sister died in the September 11 attacks is seeking unspecified damages from the utility citing emotional distress.


Pennies lead to teen in cabdriver killing

SEATTLE — A trail of pennies from a burning taxicab led authorities to the home of a teenager, who is charged with killing the cabdriver, authorities said.

Driver Jagit Singh was working the night shift for Farwest Taxi when a caller reported seeing a cab in flames and rolling backward down a street about 2:30 a.m. July 10, King County Sheriff’s Detective Eleanor R. Broggi wrote in a court affidavit.

Mr. Singh was found dead inside with two gunshots to the back of his head. Nearby, a trail of pennies led up the driveway of a home, Detective Broggi wrote.

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