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Prosecutors said in a July 17 indictment that Taylor found the Surry County property that Vick purchased and used as the site of “Bad Newz Kennels,” a dogfighting enterprise.

“The ‘Bad Newz Kennels’ operation and gambling moneys were almost exclusively funded by Vick,” a statement signed by Taylor says.

The statement also lists several dogfights that Taylor says Vick attended in Virginia and other states. The principals in the dogfighting ring split any winnings, and Taylor — who spent most of his time raising and training the pit bulls — used his share for living expenses, according to the statement.

Taylor also confirmed the indictment’s claim that he helped purchase pit bulls and killed at least two dogs that fared poorly in test fights.

According to the 18-page indictment, the dogfighting ring executed underperforming dogs by drowning, hanging and other brutal means. It purports that the fights offered purses as high as $26,000.

Taylor left the enterprise after a falling out with co-defendant Quanis L. Phillips and others in September 2004, according to the statement.

The grisly details outlined in the indictment have fueled protests and public outrage against Vick. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has barred Vick from the Falcons‘ training camp while the league investigates.

Vick and Purnell A. Peace, 35, of Virginia Beach, and Mr. Phillips, 28, of Atlanta, are scheduled for trial Nov. 26. They remain free without bond.

Businesses have been quick to recoil. Nike suspended its lucrative contract with Vick, and Reebok stopped sales of his No. 7 jersey. In addition, two trading-card companies withdrew Vick items.

In an interview aired yesterday, Vick told Porsche Foxx on Atlanta radio station WVEE-FM, “I know I’ve put the city through a lot. … My [team] owner, Arthur Blank, who I love sincerely, I’ve put him through a lot. And you know it’s hurt me to put him through these situations to have to deal with that because he shouldn’t have to.”

Vick thanked those who have continued supporting him and added, “It’s a crisis situation for me, but I’m gonna get through it.”

The NAACP chairman said he will call Vick to see what assistance the Atlanta NAACP chapter can offer. He predicted that public opinion may worsen in the wake of Taylor’s plea deal.