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Pierce’s due

The presidency of Franklin Pierce is about “to emerge from the fog of history, and on the eve of the 2008 election,” book publicist Jayme Simoes tells Inside the Beltway.

Why is the timing significant?

Author Peter A. Wallner concludes that much of what transpired during the administration of Pierce, uniformly ranked among the nation’s worst presidents, is relevant 150 years later as he, too, confronted proposed restrictions on open immigration, threats to individual liberties and the “unchecked” growth of presidential power, particularly in time of war.

“Franklin Pierce: Martyr for the Union,” due out in the coming weeks, recalls Pierce’s friendships with Nathaniel Hawthorne and Jefferson Davis, and his encounters with Dorothea Dix, Stephen A. Douglas, Winfield Scott, William H. Seward and Abraham Lincoln.

Just the facts

Washington Times senior investigative reporter Jerry Seper, who focuses on federal law enforcement, terrorism, homeland security and immigration, has been chosen to receive the 2007 Hodding Carter Journalism Award, to be presented later this month by the Northern Virginia Chapter of the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA).

“He continues to do an outstanding job in focusing on the critical and important issue of immigration and border control,” says Karen L. Bune, executive council member and chair of the ASPA awards committee. “He keeps the issue in the forefront of public awareness by presenting the facts objectively and completely.”

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