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In the end, the coordinated power of Black’s queen and minor pieces proves too much for White: 36…Qb5 37. c3 Nd5 38. Rh1 (Black’s threat was 38…Ne3+ 39. Kc1 Qf1+ 40. Qd1 Qxd1 mate, and 38. b3 is met by 38…Qf1+ 39. Kc2 Ne3+ 40. Kb2 Nxg2, winning) Be3, when 39. Qe2 loses to 39…Nxc3+! 40. bxc3 Qb1 mate. Rublevsky resigned.

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New York GM Hikaru Nakamura, who has struggled a bit in recent events, hit the jackpot in Las Vegas this week, taking sole first in the strong National Open with a 5½-½ score. Among those tied for second a half-point back were Swiss legend GM Viktor Korchnoi, GM Gregory Serper and recent Samford Fellowship winner IM Josh Friedel.

FIDE World Candidates Finals, Elista, Russia, June 2007


1. e4c528. Qe4Re5

2. Nf3d629. Qb1Rxe1+

3. Bb5+Bd730. Qxe1Rd8

4. Bxd7+Qxd731. g3Nc5

5. c4Nf632. Qe2a5

6. Nc3g633. Qb5b6

7. 0-0Bg734. a3Qe6

8. d4cxd435. Rb2d3

9. Nxd40-036. b4axb4

10. f3Rc837. axb4Nb3

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