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Artist’s style: Forget the story; this is a showcase for the visual imagination of Mr. Parente. In fact, forget reading and just gawk at some of the really cool masterpieces. Also, look in the second half of the book for some highly detailed models of the mech soldiers of Dust.

Pop-art moments: I’ve got to go with a talking ape challenging a chain-saw-wielding Nazi zombie soldier. It’s a Mike Mignola moment for sure.

Read it or leave it? It may take until the next world war before we see another issue of this series. It’s a mindless read for mature audiences familiar with its equivalent board game. Dust definitely could use less cheesecake and more intelligent sci-fi. The effort reeks of licensed-merchandise opportunities and does little for the sequential-art medium. However, how about that Koshka? Hubba, hubba.

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