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Joseph Szadkowski

Joseph Szadkowski

A graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in communications, Joseph Szadkowski has written about popular culture for The Washington Times for the past 25 years. He covers video games, comic books, new media and technology. 


Articles by Joseph Szadkowski

Creatures roaming Six Flags America's "Fright Fest" in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. (Photograph by Joseph Szadkowski/The Washington Times)

Six Flags America's 'Fright Fest' unleashes new terrors

Six Flags America's yearly "Fright Fest" returns for its 10th season and has, once again, allowed talented creators to develop new attractions to deliver intense ways to entertain as well as scare guests for select evenings in October. Published October 8, 2018

Creatures roaming Kings Dominion's Halloween Haunt in Doswell Virginia. (Photograph by Joseph Szadkowski/The Washington Times and Todd Stowell/Special to The Washington Times)

Kings Dominion's 'Halloween Haunt' returns with new horrors

Theme park Kings Dominion offers plenty of terrifying thrills throughout the year with death-defying roller coasters and rides, but with the season devoted to ghosts and goblins, it ratchets up the level of scares with "Halloween Haunt." Published October 6, 2018

Ghouls greet guests at 'Field of Screams' in Mountville, Pennsylvania. (Photograph by Joseph Szadkowski/The Washington Times)

Scares abound at 'Field of Screams' in Mountville, Pennsylvania

Humans looking for a satisfying scare during the Halloween season can enjoy a steady supply of potent shocks unleashed by the Schopf family at their annual "Field of Screams" horror event buried within Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Published September 29, 2018

Anne Hathaway and an expensive necklace co-star in "Ocean's 8," now available on 4K Ultra HD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

'Ocean's 8' 4K Ultra HD review

Director and writer Gary Ross' continuation of a popular heist film franchise arrives in the ultra-high definition format and will not dazzle home cinema connoisseurs, but does make for an entertaining evening. Published September 21, 2018

The indoraptor strikes in "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," now available on 4K Ultra HD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' 4K Ultra HD review

The latest blockbuster devoted to modern man co-existing with genetically cloned dinosaurs stomps and loudly growls over to the ultra-high definition, home theater format. Published September 19, 2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch in "Predator" and Toni Collette as Annie in "Hereditary" now available on 4K Ultra HD.

4K Ultra HD reviews: 'Hereditary' and 'Predator'

Here's a look at a pair of horror films -- "Hereditary" and "Predator" -- recently released in the 4K Ultra HD format, unleashing two radically different styles of terror for audiences. Published September 11, 2018

Our favorite web slinger stars in the video game Marvel's Spider-Man. (Courtesy Sony Computer Entertainment)

Zadzooks: Marvel's Spider-Man video game review

It has been more than a decade since our friendly neighborhood web slinger has freely roamed New York City in a video game, and this third-person, three-dimensional adventure expands brilliantly on his former glory. Published September 8, 2018

Evil assassin i-R0k from "Ready Player One," now available on 4K Ultra HD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

"Ready Player One' 4K Ultra HD review

Director Steven Spielberg's adaptation of author Ernest Cline's 1980s pop culture overloaded novel moves from a successful theatrical run to 4K-enabled home entertainment rooms. Published July 24, 2018