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Susan Johnson, a Republican-leaning businesswoman in Winter Park, Fla., told The Washington Times that even though hers is a pro-choice Republican family, she was “brought to tears” watching Mrs. Palin give her first nationally televised speech in Dayton, Ohio, on Friday when Mr. McCain announced her as his choice for running mate.

“My husband and I were so touched and inspired by seeing and hearing this eloquent woman who opposes abortion and is on the ticket - you have to keep in mind I am a pro-choice Republican woman,” she said. “I find myself surprised that I am willing to compromise on something I feel so profoundly about.”

Noting that Mrs. Palin chose to carry to term and gave birth in April to a child in she knew beforehand had Down syndrome, Mrs. Johnson said, “I have a profoundly disabled child myself, and I am not sure I could make the decision she made to have that child and put her money where her mouth is as a pro-life woman.”