- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 4, 2008

Planned Parenthood of Indiana has suspended a nurse after the release of an undercover videotape showing her coaching a supposed 13-year-old on how to duck Indiana’s laws about parental-consent on abortion and the reporting of child sex-abuse.

The videotape shows Lila Rose, the president of a university pro-life group and a brunette, posing as a blonde 13-year-old girl named “Brianna” and telling the Planned Parenthood nurse at the clinic in Bloomington, Ind., that she is pregnant by a 31-year-old man.

“I am supposed to report [you] to Child Protective Services,” says the nurse on the videotape, though assuring “Brianna” she will not do so if she can tell a plausible different story.

“I didn’t hear the age. I don’t want to know the age,” the nurse says at a later point on the tape.

The nurse, who is referred to on the video as “Diana” but whose face is blurred out, knew neither that the session was being taped nor that “Brianna” really was Miss Rose, a 20-year-old pro-life activist at UCLA.

Miss Rose told The Washington Times on Thursday that this footage is only part of an ongoing project with many examples of such conduct. Her group and other student pro-lifers already have released tapes of similar counseling.

Indiana is not one of 12 states that restricts or prohibits surreptitious taping.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana quickly suspended “Diana” without pay on Wednesday and vowed an investigation.

“We are deeply concerned about the content of the video the apparent actions of the employee would be in violation of our strict policies and procedures,” Betty Cockrum, the state chapter’s president, said in a statement.

“A thorough internal investigation of this matter has begun Further disciplinary action will be taken if warranted by the investigation.”

She said her group is “committed to following all state laws” and is “immediately reinforcing all of our policies and procedures with the staff members.” The statement did not name the employee.

The tape has several breaks during the conversation and Ms. Cockrum’s statement said “we cannot be certain whether this video has been altered.”

She was traveling Thursday and a spokeswoman said there was no further comment.

On the tape, which is posted on YouTube.com and which made the rounds of conservative and pro-life sites Wednesday, the nurse also advises “Brianna” on how to cover for the 31-year-old man by among other things saying that the father could be a boy in school.

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