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The Soderbergh/Gilroy track is especially intriguing, a glimpse into the creative process through the eyes of two of Hollywood’s brightest lights. It’s a crash course in screenwriting, managing actors, framing shots and any number of other topics an aspiring artist needs to master.

Along with its foray into Blu-ray, Criterion has beefed up its Web site: For the first time, a portion of the Criterion library will be viewable over the Web. Every month will see a new “festival,” and the movies in this festival can be seen for free on Criterion’s new networking site, November’s theme was Cruel Stories of Youth, and it featured such films as Peter Brook’s “Lord of the Flies” and Louis Malle’s “Au Revoir les Enfants.”

A limited portion of Criterion’s library can be viewed online outside of the festivals for $5; that $5 can then be used as a credit toward the purchase of that disc if, after viewing the movie, one deems it a “must-own.”

Additionally, the Web site features essays by film scholars, top-10 lists by pop-culture figures and a guide to the worlds of Italian neorealism, the French new wave, Samurai cinema, and other currents of world cinema. It has an avalanche of information for veteran and neophyte art-house fans alike.