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Nazi suspect loses deportation appeal

CINCINNATI — A federal appeals court yesterday rejected a suspected Nazi death camp guard’s challenge to a final deportation order by the nation’s chief immigration judge.

A panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled there was no basis to John Demjanjuk’s challenge of a December 2005 ruling that he could be deported to his native Ukraine or to Germany or Poland.

The government initially claimed Mr. Demjanjuk was the notoriously sadistic guard at the Treblinka camp known as “Ivan the Terrible.” Officials later concluded that he was not, but a judge ruled in 2002 that documents from World War II prove Mr. Demjanjuk was a Nazi guard at various death or forced labor camps.

Mr. Demjanjuk, 87, lives in the Cleveland suburb of Seven Hills. He has steadfastly denied that he ever helped the Nazis, arguing that he served in the Soviet army and was captured by Germany in 1942 and became a prisoner of war.


Xbox fan convicted of killing daughter

PHILADELPHIA — A man who spent long hours each day playing video games was convicted Tuesday of killing his 17-month-old daughter when she pulled down his Xbox console.

Prosecutors think Tyrone Spellman pummeled Alayiah Turman, cracking her skull several times, while her pregnant mother napped in another room in September 2006.

Jurors rejected arguments that Spellman confessed to protect the mother and convicted him of third-degree murder and child endangerment.

Spellman fled the house after the beating, and the mother, Mia Turman, had no reason to go into the bedroom where the baby was found, prosecutors said.

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