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The state voted heavily Republican in the 1980s, giving Ronald Reagan more than 60 percent of its vote, and backed George H.W. Bush in 1988. It turned Democratic in the 1990s, voting twice for Bill Clinton, then swung behind George W. Bush, who won the state twice.

However, Democrats in the state, who supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the victor in the Nevada Democratic caucuses, said last week that their party is still not fully united behind Mr. Obama.

“It’s a work in progress. Everybody had their heart set on their candidates, and there’s a large cluster of Hillary Clinton supporters,” said Adriana Martinez, Nevada’s former Democratic state chairman.

“I would say they have not fully united behind him, women or Hispanics. They were so passionate about Hillary, and to see our candidate lose… but we’re working to regroup and unite everybody,” Ms. Martinez said.

The two candidates “are pretty much in a dead heat,” she said. Mr. Cook’s take: “a tossup.”