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Mr. Grabowski said that his boss’s comments were “not quite accurate,” adding that “our goal was never to set them free. Our goal was to get them a fair trial.”

In the article, titled “How a Media Campaign Helped Turn the Guantanamo Tide,” Mr. Levick wrote that while “legal and PR strategies don’t overlap,” the public relations campaign included a “news feed” of dozens of opinion pieces by Mr. Wilner, the Shearman lawyer, and Khalid Al-Odah, a father of one of the detainees, to raise awareness about Guantanamo detainees.

“In turn, such public awareness would ensure that judges knew that people were paying attention, that the prisoners weren’t forgotten, and that it was indeed a viable as well as correct position to affirm due process in this situation,” Mr. Levick wrote.

Mr. Grabowski said ICB serves as the Kuwaiti law firm for a group called the Kuwaiti Family Committee, which he said is made up of the families of current or former Kuwaiti Guantanamo Bay detainees. He said the funding from ICB initially came from the families, but “now there is some help from the Kuwaiti government.”