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“Astrology shows you the conditions, it doesn’t show you the outcome. The outcome is up to us. We all have to vote,” Ms. Miller told ABC News.

Days of yore

Lots of auspicious beginnings today.

Three cheers, W. Go ahead and enjoy yourself. Today is President Bush’s 62nd birthday; he was born in New Haven, Conn., on July 6, 1946.

It is also the 87th birthday of former first lady Nancy Reagan, born in New York City in 1921.

GOP stalwarts, get out your party hats and have an extra-dry martini. It’s also the 154th anniversary of the Republican Party, founded in 1854 as an anti-slavery party by former members of the Whig, Democratic, Free Soil and Know Nothing parties, who met in Michigan and adopted the name.


“Obama would get more barbecue invitations than McCain.” - Associated Press headline for a new survey revealing Americans would favor burgers with the Illinois Democrat over the Arizona Republican, 52 percent to 45 percent.

“He lives the way Jackie Gleason would have lived if Gleason had the money. Some people are irritated by it.” - Rogers Ailes on Rush Limbaugh’s opulent Florida lifestyle, in The New York Times.

“Somebody’s got to say it. The man is Ted Baxter.” - Mr. Limbaugh on Bill O’Reilly, also in The New York Times.

“Once again Seymour Hersh wastes our time with an essay that would have been more suitable for a psychiatrist’s couch, accompanied by the question, ‘Doctor, why do I keep making up these things?’” - Michael Ledeen in Pajamas Media, addressing Mr. Hersh’s New Yorker essay that contends the Bush administration is formulating “secret moves against Iran.”

By the numbers

A voter quandary: A “third Bush presidency” - or just too much “change?”

28 percent of Americans overall approve of the job President Bush is doing.

60 percent of Republicans approve of Mr. Bush’s job, 6 percent of Democrats.

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