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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

A graduate of Syracuse University, Jennifer Harper writes the daily Inside the Beltway column and provides additional coverage of breaking national news, plus long-term trends in politics, media issues, public opinion, popular culture, Hollywood foibles and “eureka” moments in health and science.

She has been a frequent broadcast commentator on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, C-SPAN, Voice of America, Citadel Broadcasting, Talk Radio Network and other news organizations. Born in Elizabeth, N.J., Ms. Harper grew up in Texas and arrived in Washington in time for Watergate -- and has been tracking the political and media landscape ever since.

She is an active member of the American Federation of TV Radio Artists and Screen Actors Guild. She has won 14 journalism awards during her years at The Washington Times.

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Articles by Jennifer Harper

The Department of Defense Office of Inspector General released a memo on Wednesday about "unidentified aerial phenomena." (Associated Press)

Defense Department launches UFO 'evaluation'

It is a very straightforward communication. A memorandum released Monday by the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General is simply titled "Evaluation of DoD's Actions Regarding the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena." Published May 5, 2021

A report from Vox says pet care is contributing to climate change. It cites kitty litter, meat-based meals and dog poop bags as factors. (Associated Press)

Climate alarmists could 'cancel' your pets

Talk about a pet peeve. The climate alarmists have come for your pets. No, really. A new report from is now urging the public to consider offering a home to other pets besides dogs and cats. Why? Published May 4, 2021

A recent editorial from Issues & Insights was critical of President Biden and his views on what should be considered patriotism. (Associated Press)

Biden has no authority to define 'patriotism'

Some fret that President Biden is hoping to redefine "patriotism" as he sets forth a fierce progressive agenda, all the while suggesting that such things as wearing masks and paying higher taxes should be considered patriotic acts. Published May 3, 2021

Sen. Mitt Romney was booed by the audience during the Utah Republican Party 2021 Organizing Convention on Saturday. (Associated Press)

Mitt Romney hands Trump a victory

It is a long, long way from the 2012 presidential election, when then-GOP hopeful Mitt Romney buoyed up support with his campaign slogan "Believe in America." These days, approval seems to have dwindled for the Utah lawmaker, who has faced a serious moment of reckoning on his own turf. Published May 2, 2021

Biden policy a 'sugar high' for voters

President Biden's first 100 days in office has been the scene of trillion-dollar spending, friendly news coverage, and much talk about happy, easier times ahead. Published April 29, 2021

A new survey finds that a majority of Americans say the total number of immigrants admitted to the U.S. each year should be 1 million or less. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Just 8% of Americans favor unlimited immigration

Among Americans, a hefty majority say that the total number of immigrants admitted to the U.S. each year should be 1 million or less according to a substantial new survey from the Cato Institute. Only 8% of the respondents agreed that "as many as want to come should be allowed in the U.S." -- while 9% said the number admitted should be zero, as in "0." Published April 28, 2021

Republican lawmakers are on a retreat in Orlando, Florida, for the next 24 hours. There they'll parse out strategies and best practices. (Associated Press)

Republicans mull over yet another identity

Republican lawmakers are in Orlando, Florida, for the next 24 hours parsing out strategies, tactics, best practices and maybe even a few optimistic notions as the moments slip by. The GOP House members' "retreat" is not an event that encourages press coverage. But the press is monitoring the low-key gathering nonetheless and is always eager to supply convenient narratives. Published April 26, 2021

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina will offer the GOP rebuttal to President Biden's speech before a joint session of Congress this week. (Associated Press)

Tim Scott and his vision for America

A certain South Carolina Republican will be in the world spotlight on Wednesday when President Biden addresses a joint session of the nation's lawmakers. Sen. Tim Scott will offer the official GOP reply to the president's message. Published April 25, 2021

Multiple news organizations have noted and commented on former President Donald Trump's weight and appearance recently. (Associated Press)

The new and improved Donald Trump?

Former President Donald Trump continues to bypass social media, sending out succinct missives through — his official post-White House website — several times a day, for quite some time. Published April 19, 2021

Michael Savage warns of incoming 'Civil War'

That time of an Civil War has arrived, talk radio host Michael Savage warns -- advising the push for "hope and change" during former President Barack Obama's era has intensified under President Biden and his administration. Published April 18, 2021

Last December, Sen. Lindsey Graham said that then-President Trump's influence would make him something of a "shadow president." (Associated Press)

Donald Trump, the 'shadow president'

About four months ago — Dec. 6 to be exact — Sen. Lindsey Graham made a noteworthy comment about then-President Donald Trump. Published April 15, 2021

Shot or not? 43% of Republicans 'remain unwilling' to get COVID-19 vaccine, says new poll

Get the shot, or not? The decision grows ever more complicated. "About 1 in 5 U.S. adults overall -- 21% -- remain unwilling to get the Covid vaccine," reports a new Monmouth University poll. Partisanship remains the main distinguishing factor among those who want to avoid the vaccine altogether, with 43% of Republicans versus just 5% of Democrats saying this. Published April 15, 2021

Migrants with children are seen in custody at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing area in Mission, Texas, in mid-March. (Associated Press)

Border woes: $50,000 a month for diapers

Eight Republican members of the House Committee on Homeland Security have just returned from a fact-finding mission along the southern U.S. border, specifically in the Rio Grande Valley sector of Texas. They have compiled some "shocking realities" in a 10-point follow-up report released Wednesday. Published April 14, 2021