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Our sports section is growing as well, with more space to cover games and to showcase the insight, wit and analysis of your beloved columnists. The classified section will become the regular destination for death notices and obituaries, while the weather, our full page of comics and the always-popular “Dear Abby” column will appear in classified or the back of the news section depending on space considerations.

A few final benefits: The redesign doubles the number of color pages you can enjoy each day. It also has allowed us to cover nearly the entire area north of Richmond and south of Baltimore with our second edition, more than doubling the number of households that get our very latest news and scores.

Finally, all home subscribers are now entitled to a free, new benefit: a complimentary subscription to the newspaper’s new electronic edition. The e-edition is a digital replica of the paper that shows up on your doorstep, arriving each morning in your e-mail inbox. It offers several enhancements, such as enabling you to search the paper and navigate through sections using hyperlinks. This means you can now access your favorite paper while on the road for vacation or business. It also means on Saturdays, when there is no print edition delivered to homes, you’ll get an extra seventh day of the newspaper delivered to you free of charge. Regular Saturday inserts such as the color comics and TV guide will now appear in the Sunday paper.

To sign up for a free e-edition, simply update your subscriber information online by clicking on the “Subscribe” link at the top of The Washington Times’ Web site at or by calling our customer service department at 800/277-8500.