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Undoing progress in the name of power

A phrase Democrats dislike to hear (and Republicans don't really like to repeat) is "I told you so." Yet there is no getting around the fact that the damage done by Biden's many blunders has been and will continue to be immeasurable. Published January 26, 2022

The people’s watchdogs no more

I am old enough to remember when most of the reporters and pundits in the news media functioned as faithful watchdogs for the public by challenging our government and those in authority, regardless of political party. That was the blessing of our cherished freedom of the press. Published January 26, 2022

“Woke” find divinity only in themselves

Our society is sliding down a slope that is only getting more slippery as time goes on. The recent increase in crime is alarming, as is the simultaneous, counterproductive demand from Black Lives Matter and their "woke" supporters to defund the police. Published January 26, 2022

Biden can only handle softballs

President Biden just can't take the heat ("Biden snaps at Peter Doocy: 'Stupid son of a b----'," Web, Jan. 24). Whenever he is asked an intelligent and relevant question, he snaps. The man is totally incapable of 'thinking on his feet.' In essence, he is angry at himself for not being up to the job as president. Published January 25, 2022

Stop harping on race

I was born white and I am sorry. My birth certificate even has blocks labeled "Color" for both my parents; and the block lists "W" for both. I cannot even claim to be partly Black or brown, and for that reason, I cannot claim to be free of racism. If I do, I will be cancelled and criticized. I am doomed to be categorized as "privileged." After all, if a white person today claims he is not racist, that is supposedly evidence of his racism. If I had been born Black or even a darker shade of brown, I probably could claim to not be racist. Published January 25, 2022

Don’t stifle side-effect reporting

It is bad enough that employers and the federalgovernment are threatening health-care workers with lost jobs if they refuse to take a vaccine they see isn't working as advertised and gives side effects. But it's even more criminal to coerce them to not report the side effects of these under-tested, failing vaccines Published January 25, 2022

U.S. should not get entangled

I grieve for the Ukrainian people as Russia is poised for a likely invasion of Ukraine, but I believe President Biden is now contemplating what could turn into another tragic foreign entanglement of indefinite duration through the sending thousands of troops, warships and aircraft to NATO allies in the Baltics and Eastern Europe. This would surely be seen as a serious provocation by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who would not ignore it. What his response would be and where that would take us and our European allies is anyone's guess. Published January 24, 2022

Left is terrified of Trump

Just like the numerous impeachments that were part of the overall coup to overthrow an American president, the intent of the "investigation" into Jan. 6, 2021, is to keep Donald Trump's name in the media as a bad man who must not be liked or followed as we move closer to an election. The mainstream media and the political left realize that with all the effort they have made to finally rid themselves of the authentic "America-first" president, they have not succeeded in the hearts of the American people who will be voting. Published January 24, 2022

To take on China, first take on Russia

While I agree with Mr. McKenna's recommendation not to get involved in the Russia-Ukraine dispute, I disagree with his analysis ("Why are we rushing to defend Ukraine?" Web, Jan. 22). Published January 24, 2022

Fix homelessness, related crime now

The U.S. homeless population has spiked to huge, record numbers in recent years. By and large homelessness is the result of mental disorders and drug and alcohol abuse. There are also homeless people who prefer that life to the alternative lifestyle of living at home. Published January 23, 2022

Embassies are obsolete, expensive

"Biden leaves key seats empty at U.S. embassies" (Page 1, Jan. 21) just goes to show that many embassy functions are no longer needed. These days ambassadorships are largely sinecures for contributors to elections. All U.S. foreign policies are a White House product, aided and abetted by established policy kibitzers, largely in foundations and universities. Published January 23, 2022

Sound missile defense long overdue

Thank you, Bill Gertz, for highlighting the belated recognition by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that as a nation we have neglected our offensive deterrent capabilities and have made no effort to fulfill the promise of President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative ("Pompeo backs new missile defense push," Web, Jan. 19). No patriot could disagree with the well-expressed concepts outlined by Pompeo, but why did he wait until he was out of office to express these major deficiencies in our national security? Published January 23, 2022

Politicians need ‘cooling off’ periods

America is looking straight into the eyes of a tornado-style political year in 2022, and an even bigger one come 2024. How did democracies in the past handle situations where deeply divisive personalities on the political scene were disruptive to peace and good order? Published January 20, 2022

Kick Democrats out of office

It is has been a year since Joe Biden became president, and his always unimpressive leadership is only getting worse. Published January 20, 2022

Greed is the enemy

We have met the enemy and it's not COVID-19 in any of its variants. The enemy is in fact greed for the almighty dollar. Published January 20, 2022

CRT defective, racist drivel

Critical race theory has vaulted ahead of all other flawed, leftist ideologies in media attention and has earned pride of place in faculty lounges, teachers unions, corporate board rooms and Democratic households ("Let's honor Martin Luther King Jr. today by rejecting critical race theory," Web, Jan. 16). It posits that being born with white skin is a congenital impairment and the only therapy for weak whites is the inculcation of the theory's tenets. Published January 19, 2022

What’s a little crime between friends?

In true Democratic "old boys' club" fashion, days before leaving office outgoing Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam granted a simple pardon to Sen. Joe Morrissey, for Morrissey's 2014 conviction of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for being in a relationship with his then-17-year-old assistant, who later became his wife ("Outgoing Va. Gov. Ralph Northam pardons scandal-scarred state senator," Web, Jan. 14). Published January 19, 2022

‘Voting rights’ bill? More like ‘voting fraud’

Full of meaningless platitudes, "Biden's fiery, angry speeches set tone for 2022 midterms" (Web, Jan. 18) -- all because Republicans want voter ID laws, a concept supported by 81% of Americans. Published January 19, 2022

Biden’s voting-law push is fearmongering

The election-reform furor seems like much ado about nothing ("Biden heads to Georgia to escalate partisan fight over U.S. election laws," Web, Jan. 11). The push by the Biden administration and civil rights groups to extend polling-place hours and locations and even make voting day a federal holiday (for something that takes on average a couple of hours) is ridiculous. Published January 13, 2022

Fauci’s the real moron

"Hot mic catches Dr. Fauci calling GOP senator 'moron'" (Web, Jan. 11) might actually be more indicative of self-reflection on Fauci's part. The media has generally failed to take Fauci to task for his longtime support of gain-of-function experimentation intended to make pathogens more infectious in humans. Nevertheless, writing for the American Society for Microbiology in 2012, Fauci defended such research, even at the risk that an experiment "leads to an outbreak and ultimately triggers a pandemic," writing: "Scientists working in this field might say -- as indeed I have said -- that the benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks." Regardless of the exact and circuitous dispersal of U.S. funds, Fauci allowed U.S. funds to go to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which was known for gain-of-function testing under less-than-optimal microbial containment. Published January 13, 2022