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Stop trying to ‘fix’ democracy

If something works, stop trying to fix it. Seems simple enough, but it's an adage that certain elements of our current administration somehow fail to grasp. Published August 26, 2022

FBI needs a total overhaul

The last four years have not been good for the FBI, which was once a remarkable crime-stopping agency. Instead of being a national police force, the FBI has served as a political hit unit for the Democratic Party, with a phony Democratic Party-supplied dossier that cost the taxpayers millions and effectively shut down the government and attacked a sitting president. This hasn't been good for any of us, especially the FBI. Published August 26, 2022

Trump’s strong leadership required

Like Lazarus, will the American people raise Donald Trump from the ashes of political history to the office of president once more? Will this hard-working and highly focused egoist with a complicated personality again become our leader during a difficult time in the world? Published August 26, 2022

History will look poorly on Trump raid

Did the contents of any of the boxes confiscated by FBI agents during the outrageous Mar-a-Lago raid include any of Melania Trump's intimate personal wear ("Trump faces off with Garland in high-stakes fight," Web, Aug. 15)? This is a fair question to ask, given the unprecedented foray into the private residence of a former president and his family. To date, a no-holds-barred war has been conducted against Donald Trump. And so, violating Mrs. Trump's space is no doubt being shrugged off by the Justice Department and the political left as collateral damage. Published August 25, 2022

GOP leadership needed now

At a time when the United States needs leadership like never before, Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell offers none. In fact, instead of fighting for our country, he has given up and is satisfied with his soft life. Published August 25, 2022

Bike paths for all

The real infrastructure projects will take 12 to 15 years to get done -- if they ever clear the activist legal assaults ("Biden administration unveils transportation projects set to boost vulnerable Dem states," Web, Aug. 13). The major projects underway today include many of the "shovel-ready" programs approved in former President Barack Obama's stimulus in 2009. The Democrats know it, so they are pushing bike paths to the front of the line because the activists want them. Published August 25, 2022

Small group of ‘elites’ rules the rest

What happened to government protecting the unalienable rights of individuals enshrined by the founders and patriots? James Madison discussed exactly this in the 10th Federalist Paper; "The Utility of the Union as a Safeguard Against Domestic Faction and Insurrection." Today that means protecting individuals against the tyranny of a simple majority. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Published August 24, 2022

Deep state runs U.S.

The FBI's Mar-a-Lago property raid and document search were merely a pretext for raiding former President Donald Trump's mansion. Published August 24, 2022

Throw off leftists’ yoke

Now I am totally confused. What am I supposed to fear most -- crime, inflation, the Biden lies, the FBI incursion, the IRS or the lack of strong Republican leadership? It simply all adds up to a failed state. Published August 24, 2022

Unequal application of law obvious

In his statement about the search of Mar-a-Lago, Attorney Gen. Merrick Garland appeared the very image of rectitude ("Is Merrick Garland serious about Donald Trump?" Web, Aug. 15). He said everything correctly, appropriately and prudently. He made me feel good that we have such a sober-minded person handling subpoenas, affidavits, search warrants and other tools of the legal trade. God knows I can't sort these things without a lawyer at my side. But I'm still left with a damnable case of "whataboutism." Published August 23, 2022

Revive America

With America flatlining from the radical left's assault, if Republicans gain control of the House in November, revival must be fast. Priority is "the big guy's" impeachment. Spin the wheel for a high crime or misdemeanor: gifting $85 billion in advanced weapon systems to terrorists; violating immigration law to allow record invasion of illegals and child-killing fentanyl (1108 deaths in 2021); triggering inflation by shutting down domestic energy while enriching enemies with oil purchases and much, much more. Published August 23, 2022

Blatantly biased, often wrong

Those who watch and read the mainstream media know the seven principal purveyors of doom and gloom are The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN. Their record of getting stories right ranks right along with the wins of the New York Jets. Published August 23, 2022

Letter to the editor: Nix ‘proxy’ voting now

In "Congress' proxy voting should be abolished" (Web, Aug. 16) Thomas J. Pyle writes that "158 members of the House of Representatives" voted by proxy on the recently passed-and-signed-into-law Inflation Reduction Act. That is roughly 35% of the 435 members of the House. So only roughly 65% were present to vote. When I went to school, that was a failing grade! Published August 22, 2022

Reallocate IRS-bound funds

There is a better way to spend $80 billion in additional funding for the Internal Revenue Service, including hiring 87,000 new agents ("Expanded IRS free-file system one step closer in Dems' bill," Web, Aug. 13). Assign these dollars to the federal General Accounting Office or U.S. Customs and Border Protection instead. Published August 22, 2022

Cheney is no Lincoln

Rep. Liz Cheney invoked Abraham Lincoln in her concession speech ("Liz Cheney compares herself to Abraham Lincoln: 'Now the real work begins,'" Web, Aug. 16). Liz Cheney is no Lincoln. Published August 22, 2022

Equal treatment is true progress

I was dumbstruck after reading that a new contract allows Minneapolis public school teachers of color to keep their jobs during layoffs while white instructors with more seniority get the boot ("Minneapolis school district defends deal to lay off white teachers ahead of minority teachers," Web, Aug. 16). Published August 19, 2022

Left’s ‘elite’ should be jailed

Michael McKenna asks, "Who's above the law?" and provides a short list of elites who apparently fall into this category ("Who's above the law? How about Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton and BLM rioters, for starters," Web Aug. 17). Among them is the "honorable" Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton is many things, but she is not honorable. That goes for her sleazy husband, too, former President Bill Clinton. Published August 19, 2022

Stop flood of fentanyl now

If there is enough fentanyl in this country to kill 470 million people, what will it take to get this administration's attention regarding the necessity for stronger border security ("July border stunner: Enough fentanyl to kill every American," Web, Aug. 16)? Even for those of us who experienced the damage done to families during the crack-cocaine era of the 1980s, this will exceed those tragic results beyond imagination. Published August 19, 2022

Cheneys’ confounding anti-Trump stance

I could never quite understand Rep. Liz Cheney -- and her esteemed father, former Vice President Dick Cheney -- opposing former President Donald Trump and going "all in" against him due to Mr. Trump's "election denying" narrative. Published August 18, 2022

Obsession gets you nowhere

In the roughly two years she was in office, Rep. Liz Cheney's personal wealth grew from $4 million to $44 million dollars. I submit that she either experienced a financial miracle or enriched herself at the expense of the American taxpayer. Published August 18, 2022