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Los Angeles lost by 39 points. The last four times a team has been swept in the NBA Finals, its total margin of defeat - in four games - has been less than 39. The details:

2007 - Spurs over Cavaliers (losing margins: 9-11-3-1 for a total of 24 points).

2002 - Lakers over Nets (losing margins: 5-23-3-6 for a total of 37 points).

1995 - Rockets over Magic (losing margins: 2-11-3-12 for a total of 28 points).

1989 - Pistons over Lakers (losing margins: 12-3-4-8 for a total of 27 points).


Former Lakers great Gail Goodrich, writing in the Los Angeles Daily News: “There really is no other way to describe the Lakers’ performance in Game 6 other than to say it was pathetic. It was a complete embarrassment to go into a game of that magnitude and not compete. There is absolutely no excuse for that, and it legitimately calls into question the character of some of their players.”


My column Wednesday about Tiger Woods calmly eating an apple after falling behind late in his U.S. Open playoff against Rocco Mediate brought this Actual E-Mail from an Actual Reader:

“Hello, Mr. Daly … I have that apple and have contacted and talked to many different media and people about what to do with it. I have been influenced to auction it off on eBay, although I would like to [do] what’s best for the golf world or what Tiger would like to do himself. I was in the grandstands on the 16th hole and can explain to you exactly how it unfolded, as well as taking you to the exact spot that I found it. I also have a witness, and the DNA will tell the truth. I’m an honest soul. … If you would be so kind to contact me, … I would like to do what’s best for this special apple. Thank you.” (Name withheld.)

My advice: The heck with the apple. Sell the DNA to one of those biotech firms that specialize in cloning - Advanced Cell Technologies or somebody. That’s where the real money is. How much dough is anybody going to cough up for an apple core?


Imagine multiple Tiger Woods competing against one another. Nobody else would ever win a tournament.


I mean, unless all of the Tigers skipped the Mayakoba Golf Classic.

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