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c The aptly titled session “Technology Free for All,” delivered in the round, gave news-media librarians a chance to show off some of their slickest helpers from the World Wide Web.

Derek Willis, a Web developer for the New York Times, led the way. Among his offerings were a tip on GNU’s free piece of software Wget (, a way to download an entire Web site to a desktop, as well as the use of the Many Eyes site ( from IBM used to help visualize data.

c Believe it or not, libraries still use microfilm, and that gave professional genealogist Rick Slavens a reason to invent the ST Genie.

The portable digital microfilm scanner plugs into a PC and handles 16mm and 35mm roll film along with 35mm slides. The device turns screens into 2,700-DPI images available in easy-to-read TIFF, JPEG, PNG and PDF formats. The device costs $1,095.