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It also criticized the Foreign Service´s evaluation and promotion system for lacking an “inherent requirement that employees actually engage in such outreach.” It said few public-diplomacy officers rise to the State Department´s highest ranks.

The commission that produced the report was established by Congress in 1948.

The most recent annual Pew Research Center Global Attitudes survey found “some encouraging signs for America´s global image for the first time this decade.”

Still, favorable views of the United States increased only “modestly since 2007 in 10 of 21 countries where comparative data are available.”

“Though public diplomacy is now clearly built into the State Department structure in a way that it was not prior to the 1999 consolidation, it is more difficult to judge whether department officials are taking public diplomacy into consideration in actual foreign policy decision-making to a greater degree,” the commission said, referring to the merger of the U.S. Information Agency into the State Department.