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“Being involved and running my mouth is just what I did,” Ms. Whiting said, but not before “always doing my homework and research first.”

Ms. Whiting — president of McKinley Technical High School’s PTA, a former Ward 4 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner and a member of the Commission for Women — organized the domestic violence forum when she learned that the District had the highest rate of domestic violence in the nation, according to Women Empowered Against Violence.

Last month, the Metropolitan Police Department recorded 2,700 calls for domestic violence, with two households in Ward 4 logging 30 of those calls alone, Ms. Whiting said she was told by Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes.

“I did not know that and I was upset to hear it, so I wanted to educate teens and young ladies to let them know that they shouldn’t put up with or allow [domestic violence] to happen to you,” Ms. Whiting said.

The daughter of the District’s own go-go music icon Chuck Brown, Ms. Whiting said, “My dad was old-fashioned and he believed women should be treated a certain way, and my brothers are the most respectful men in this city.”

At the first Ward 4 Education Council domestic violence forum, Ms. Whiting invited Yvette Cade, the Prince George’s County woman who was burned by her estranged husband, to speak. Ms. Cade brought Mrs. Muhammad, who has been participating ever since.

“One of the first things I do is ask the survivors, who have never stood up, to stand so other’s can know what a victim looks like. Then I tell them that you shouldn’t be ashamed. You are blessed because God saved them to do something good,” Mrs. Muhammad said.

For information about the Ward 4 Education Council and D.C. Commission on Women Forum on Domestic Violence, call 202/487-5926. To contact Mrs. Muhammad, visit