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“I’ll be playing this week, no ifs, ands or buts about it,” he said. “It’s coming along and it’s sore, but it’s nothing I can’t fight through. … I didn’t have the leg drive and I couldn’t get my knees high to pull out of stuff [against Dallas]. As far as running the ball, I did OK but as far as breaking tackles and getting a burst of speed, I didn’t have that.”

Cornerback Shawn Springs (calf) participated in the entire practice and is expected to play after missing four consecutive games.

Discussing Taylor

In anticipation of next week’s one-year anniversary of Sean Taylor’s death, Zorn moved a collage of pictures that hung outside his office into the team auditorium Wednesday.

“I wanted to make sure these guys knew he was the kind of player that they wanted to practice like and play like, and that’s part of the memory we need to keep alive on this team - the kind of player he was,” Zorn said. “Next week, things are going to be a little tender. I wanted to make sure I brought it up now so it wouldn’t catch anybody by surprise next week.”

Voting domination

The Redskins’ incessant attempt to garner more Pro Bowl votes from fans is evidently working. They have the leading NFC vote getter at 16 positions, including all four special teams spots.

The notable nonleaders are quarterback Jason Campbell (third in the NFC) and defensive end Andre Carter (second behind the Giants’ Justin Tuck).

Three weeks remain in the online voting. The fans’, coaches’ and players’ votes each count for one-third of a player’s total.