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I will note, in particular, the initiative launched by Peru to enhance social responsibility of the APEC corporate sector. What is involved is the consolidation of state and private interests to achieve a common strategic goal, that is sustainable and progressive social and economic development in all of the vast Asian and Pacific space.

Russia fully shares and supports this approach. Our economy has a continuous successful record of integration into the world economy. We intend to further the multifaceted dialogue within the APEC on liberalization of the trade regime and development of investment interaction.

The issues of ensuring security also remain among cooperation priorities. In the first place this concerns joint countering of international terrorism which also seriously threatens trade and economic ties, as well as sea communications and energy transportation. APEC’s work on the implementation of Russia’s initiative on counter-terrorist protection of strategically important elements of the energy infrastructure is called to shore up the joint efforts aimed at carrying out these tasks.

Improvement of joint actions in emergencies is another topical task. It also includes the prevention and mitigation of consequences of natural and man-made disasters, and the fight against pandemic diseases. Russia has accumulated considerable organizational and technological expertise in these fields which, as practice shows, has been used by APEC countries. Only in recent years, prompt and effective assistance by Russian rescuers who worked hand-in-hand with their colleagues allowed saving and protecting the lives of thousands of people.

The theme of the fight against corruption has been increasingly in the focus of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Like other participants in the Forum, Russia considers this work exceptionally important. This summer, the National Plan for Countering Corruption has been adopted and quite recently an “anti-corruption package” of laws was submitted to the state Duma. We will do our utmost to promote multilateral efforts in this field as well.

I have mentioned only the main tasks facing the Forum today. I am convinced that their practical fulfillment depends on APEC’s commitment to the principles of consensus and voluntariness. Russia will continue to strictly adhere to these principles.

We are convinced that Russia’s involvement in the integration processes in the region contributes to more efficient implementation of social and economic development programs in our country. And in this context, we attach great importance to strengthening industrial cooperation and collaboration in the field of advanced technologies and implementing transportation projects, including the establishment of a “land bridge” to move cargos between Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Broadening of interregional ties is important, in the first place, to Siberia and the Far East of Russia. It is for these reasons that in view of the Russian presidency it has been decided to hold the APEC 2012 summit in Vladivostok. We are already actively preparing for it, drawing on the new ideas as well as experience of organizing meetings of the Forum’s working bodies in the Far East.

The proactive presidency of Peru in APEC in 2008 and the preparation by Peruvian leaders of an intensive agenda of the summit assure us that it will bear positive results. I am convinced that the authority of the Forum, the interest in cooperation for the benefit of our peoples and the responsible APEC-specific approach to tackling issues of present-day relevance will continue to grow from year to year. And this is exactly the key to success in building our common, secure and prosperous Asia-Pacific space.

Dmitry Medvedev is president of Russia.