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Cap it off

Democrats, Republicans, independents — you know inauguration weather will be frigid. Deal with it in style.

Yes, amaze the children, alarm the dog, confound co-workers and amuse every free spirit within 10 miles of the Beltway with a bomber hat, these from Michigan-based Northern Hats — which has one of the nation’s largest collections of this singular headgear. The hats are warm. They are tactile and appealing — in fur, leather, wool, faux fur, nylon and corduroy.

Shown is the Natural Color Shearling Classic Bomber Hat ($110) and the Mad Bomber Hat in Navy Blue With Gray Rabbit Fur ($35).

All hats are in stock and ship within 24 hours of order via Priority Mail (two- to three-day delivery). Take a peek at the offerings at Call 248/225-5198 for information, or e-mail

Revisiting McCain

He seemed to be the center of the known universe for a while. Sen. John McCain. Remember? The one-time “insurgent” who ran a campaign with huge peaks and valleys and won the votes of 59,226,874 people?

He’s alive and well and living back in reality these days. A recent press conference — his first since the election — reveals that, yes, Mr. McCain plans to run for his Senate seat in 2010. He applauds President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for Homeland Security czarina, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano.

Mr. McCain also plans to visits troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, resume work on the House Armed Services Committee and the Indian Affairs Committee. And he has kind words for his old running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

“I think she did a great job of energizing our base. I’m very proud of her. It’s one of the great pleasures I’ve had, to get to know her and her family. And I think she has a very bright future in a leadership position in the Republican Party,” Mr. McCain said.

Quotes of note

“Hillary + Obama = High Drama.” — Arianna Huffington’s most recent equation.

“President-elect Barack Obama loves chili and shuns beets.” — Associated Press headline.

“The Republican party IS the future.” — Motto of Michael Steele in his quest for Republican National Committee chairman.

“I’ll give you eight months.” — White House press secretary Dana Perino, on how long the press will be kind to Mr. Obama, to The Washington Post.

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