Military report: Terms ‘jihad,’ ‘Islamist’ needed

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The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a prominent U.S. Muslim group, has argued that government terminology should minimize any connection between Islam and terrorism to avoid fanning religious hatred.

A council spokesman said Corey Saylor, CAIR’s legislative director, recently stated the group’s views on the issue in a Detroit News Op-Ed article.

Mr. Saylor said CAIR opposes the use of “jihadist” and other Islamic terms because the use of non-Islamic terms “serves the strategic purpose of isolating extremists and removing the false cloak of religiosity that they use to justify their barbarism.”

Marine Corps Maj. Joseph D. Kloppel, a Central Command spokesman, said Red Team reports “are often controversial.”

“But the resulting debate sharpens reasoning, forces intellectual integrity, and improves decisionmaking and subsequent action,” he said in an e-mail, noting that its products are “designed for internal use” and not meant to represent the personal views of the Centcom commander.

Willis Witter contributed to this article.

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