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“For the last eight years, we have tried it John McCain’s way. We have tried it George Bush’s way,” he said. “We’ve given more and more to those with the most and hoped that prosperity would trickle down to everyone else. And guess what? It didn’t. So it’s time to try something new. It’s time to grow this economy by investing in the middle class again.”

As he has at each campaign stop in red states this week, he worked to energize his supporters and drive of vote totals in areas such as Reno where he has a strong lead.

A Politico/Insider Advantage poll this week showed Mr. Obama with a 10-point lead in Reno, but tied statewide with Mr. McCain at 47 percent

“We are going to have to struggle and fight for each of these 10 days,” he told the Reno rally. “We know change doesn’t come without a fight.”