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A: It was big time if you love Michael Strahan channeling Vince McMahon. It probably was cool for Giants fans to see Harry Carson, Carl Banks and O.J. Anderson back in their early 1990s stomping grounds.

Q: It seems that John Carney and Jeff Feagles have been playing since my grandfather was in high school. How old are those guys?

A: Carney, who just signed with the Giants to fill in for injured kicker Lawrence Tynes, is 44. That’s two years older than punter Feagles. You know it’s not going well for the Redskins when the ancient Carney boots a 47-yard field goal with plenty of room to spare.

Q: Speaking of Carney, I think of him from his days with the Saints. Can Zorn and defensive coordinator Greg Blache fix the problems in the nine days before the matchup with New Orleans?

A: Let’s see how the Saints look Sunday against Tampa Bay at home, but if last night’s performance by Washington is any indication, the MMQB has to go with New Orleans.