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Laveranues Coles, who’s never happy for long (as Redskins fans well know), told the New York Post that Brett Favre “doesn’t have a feel for me” the way the previous Jets quarterback did. He and Chad Pennington, he said, “had a special chemistry.”

This, after just one regular-season game with Favre - a game in which No. 4 threw touchdown passes to Jerricho Cochery and Chansi Stuckey, but connected only once with Coles for a 5-yard gain. What a diva.


Imagine how unbearable Coles would be if he’d made two Pro Bowls instead of just one.


Here’s what I always think of when I think of our ol’ buddy Laveranues: not scoring. Few high-volume receivers have been better at keeping out of the end zone than him. Indeed, he ranks 10th all time in TD avoidance - that is, receptions per score - among wideouts with at least 500 catches. The list:

Frankie Sanders5072421.1

Troy Brown5573118.4

Jeff Graham5423018.1

Brett Perriman5253017.5

Brian Blades5813417.1

Bobby Engram5983517.1

Derrick Mason7144217.0

Al Toon5173116.7

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