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So what happened to Looney? Well, first of all, Don Hutson happened to him. Two years later, the Packers Hall of Famer set new records for catches in a season (74) and receiving yards in a game (209) and tied the mark of 14 catches in a game. By this time, Looney had gone off to war (though he did star on the powerhouse Randolph Field team in 1944, the one that went 12-0, was ranked third in the AP poll and outscored its opponents 508-19). Alas, he never played in the NFL again.

But his son did - the legendary Joe Don Looney, a wild and crazy guy who bounced around the league for several years, even setting down in Washington for a spell (1966 and ‘67, to be exact). Joe Don was such a handful that the Giants, who drafted him 12th overall in ‘64, traded him to the Colts before the start of the season. This wasn’t long after he had squawked about being fined $50 for missing an 11 p.m. curfew by 10 minutes.

“The night before, I was in bed at 10 p.m.,” he reasoned. “So now I’m 10 minutes late, so what? They still owe me 50 minutes from the other night.”


Licenses for the best 2,000 seats at the Jets’ new stadium will be auctioned off next month by StubHub, the online ticketing Web site. The seats, in a section called the Coaches Club, will enable fans to stand on the field just five yards from the Jets’ bench.

Just wondering: Will the Coaches Clubbers get their ankles taped, too?


The Bears used to sell seats like that back in the old days when they played at Wrigley Field - folding chairs, actually, that were set up in the vicinity of the opposing team’s bench.

“The game would be in progress,” a rival GM once said, “and this hot dog vendor would be walking out there in front of our bench, leaning over players to make a sale to the fans.”


Answer to trivia question: Green, who was the 222nd player drafted in ‘93. Frerotte was No. 197 in ‘94.

Shuler (third overall) and Culpepper (11th) went in the first round, Batch (60th) in the second, Griese (91st) in the third, Rosenfels (109th) in the fourth and Bulger (168th) in the sixth.


And finally …

Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez have reached a settlement of their divorce, ending their marriage of more than five years.

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