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Bowden said the organization would consider retaining some of the fired coaches in other capacities. Corrales could fall into that category if the 67-year-old decides to continue working in the sport.

“I think they’ve got a fine young manager in Manny Acta, and this organization is geared right now, I understand, to deal with the kids,” he said. “If they go that way, it’s a good direction.”

Bowden wouldn’t put a timetable on his search for a new staff, saying only that “we’re committed to hiring the very best coaches in the game.”

But as the final outs were being recorded in a 2008 season everyone in Washington would rather forget, it was obvious the organization’s focus already has shifted toward the future.

There are a lot of changes that we need to make to get to where we want to get to,” Bowden said. “We’re going to start on 2009 tomorrow morning.”