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A Pentagon spokesman had no comment on Mr. Verga’s promotion.

Meanwhile, Lonnie Henley, the deputy national intelligence officer for East Asia on the National Intelligence Council (NIC), is moving back to his old position at the Defense Intelligence Agency.

“My three years here in the NIC have been great fun and professionally very rewarding,” Mr. Henley said in an e-mail to friends. “Thanks to everyone who’s made it such a good place to work. I look forward to continuing to work with you all from my new perch in DIA.”

At DIA, he will be in charge of overseeing all analytical content on issues concerning China at the agency.

Richard Willing, director of public affairs for the office of the director of national intelligence, said the office does not generally comment on personnel assignments and rotations. However, assignments to the National Intelligence Council normally are limited and “intended to draw on a person’s expertise and provide professional development over a period of a few years,” he said.

“Deputy national intelligence officers are encouraged to go back to their home agencies or move on to another senior position in the intelligence community when their tour in the NIC ends, as a part of a normal career progression,” Mr. Willing said.

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