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One conclusion Campbell came to while monitoring the trade talks was that he measured up well to Cutler, who has better statistics but a similar resume (just below .500 as a starter and no playoff appearances).

“People were saying, ‘Cutler’s a Pro Bowl quarterback and Jason Campbell, he’s a pretty good quarterback and he’ll always just be pretty good,’ ” he said. “I’ve been in a lot of systems, and a franchise quarterback doesn’t develop overnight. A lot of guys who have been successful and are considered franchise quarterbacks haven’t gone through what I’ve had to do to try and prove myself. Cutler went to the Pro Bowl last year, and I think I was headed in the same direction [until the 2-6 second-half slump].”

Added Randle El: “That shouldn’t have all been on him. Now he can use this little episode to prove even more people wrong.”

The Redskins also declined comment Thursday on news that the Tennessee Titans had filed tampering charges with the NFL regarding the signing of defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who agreed to terms on a seven-year, $100 million contract with the Redskins five hours into the free agency signing period Feb. 27. The Redskins denied the allegations when they surfaced last month.

Under NFL rules, teams are prohibited from contacting agents for players still under contract with another team. The 49ers had to relinquish their fifth-round pick in last year’s draft and swap third-round selections with the Bears after being found guilty of tampering with Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs. Since the 49ers didn’t sign Briggs, the penalty figures to be more severe if the Redskins are found to have tampered with Haynesworth.