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Since Arenas is still working to regain his feel for the game, Boykins’ experience made him Washington’s first guard off the bench and Saunders’ go-to guy in pressure situations. With the game on the line, Saunders routinely moves Arenas to shooting guard and puts the ball in Boykins’ hands. He’s averaging 6.9 points in the fourth quarter; Saunders pointed out that Miami star Dwyane Wade averages 7.5.

“Earl has always been a fourth-quarter player,” Saunders said. “[Boykins] is probably the most unique player that’s ever played.”

Center Brendan Haywood was moderately familiar with Boykins’ scoring capabilities before his arrival in the District. But the guard’s other skills have surprised Haywood.

“[I] had no idea how crafty he is around the basket,” he said. “He surprises me because he’s so little but can dominate the game of basketball. You would never think somebody 5-5 can just take over games down the stretch.”