- The Washington Times - Saturday, December 5, 2009

All sorts of reasons are offered to suggest that the Washington Redskins will make a game of it against the undefeated New Orleans Saints.

The Redskins have played well of late even in losses, holding the Cowboys, for example, to just seven points.

The Redskins have the seventh-ranked defense in the NFL and the second-ranked pass defense.

The Saints are set up for a letdown after their impressive 38-17 win over New England.

The Saints, coming off a Monday night game, have a short workweek.

The Saints won’t be playing in the comfort of the Superdome, forced instead to compete in 40-degree weather at FedEx Field.

But here’s the single most important reason the Saints will dominate and destroy the Redskins on Sunday: Gregg Williams.

You can’t underestimate the grudge factor for a man as passionate as Williams, the former Redskins defensive coordinator who now holds the same job for the Saints.

“Gregg’s always fired up, but he really is going to want to beat the Redskins because he feels like he should be the head coach here,” defensive end Phillip Daniels said. “He going to bring everybody. I wouldn’t want to be Jason on Sunday.”

It’s not just that he was passed over for the head coaching job two years ago when Joe Gibbs left, a job for which everyone believed he was the heir apparent.

It also is a matter of who the Redskins decided to hire instead - Jim Zorn.

To lose the job is one thing. To lose it to someone Williams clearly could outcoach is another.

The Redskins’ players like Zorn. He is a decent man who doesn’t ask much of them, and they have responded by playing hard.

But this is something you likely will never hear any Redskins player say about him: “He’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever been around.” Those words instead were spoken by defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin about Williams, his former boss on the Redskins’ defense.

There is no way Williams won’t have his troops fired up to exact revenge - and to a degree far greater than any other coach that Daniel Snyder has wronged.

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