- The Washington Times - Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not Sarah’s folks

The conservative TeamSarah site has caught liberals trying to defame Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her online backers by posing as “sock puppet” conservatives to post incendiary content.

The leaders at the 63,000-member site noted weird posts late in the week “from individuals who seemed overwhelmingly racist, bigoted, and in general unsavory sorts posing as Palin, and traditionalist values, supporters.”

According to an account by William Collier at the RedState diary, the Freedomist, Team Sarah has 15 pages of evidence, including “screen shots, ID’s, and IP’s of a number of individuals who have planned an effort, and attempted to implement it, to act as agent provocateurs and discredit Team Sarah by planting racist and other unsavory material as if they were members.”

The charges of racism at Team Sarah have been made at the Huffington Post and elsewhere in the liberal blogosphere.

“It is the equivalent of framing the innocent, it is pure dirty tricks. And it is vile. We call upon all principled Liberals to condemns these actions,” Mr. Collier wrote.

Mr. Collier blamed the attacks on an “aptly named” site called somethingawful.com and linked to excerpts of the discussions there. A sample:

• “It’s our duty to steer the site away from reason and into the realms of racism and insanity just in time for the 2012 primaries.”

• “Let’s see how many people I can race bait.”

• “Also is america4AMERICANS one of us or what.”

• “Haha this is one of you guys right?”

• “Does anyone know how to get unbanned there? I would have to change my IP, wouldn’t I? … E-mail the admin saying you left yourself signed in at a public computer and that someone must have posted those things after you left. Usually works on sites like that.”

Beyond ‘useful’

The death of Hamas leader Nizar Rayan from an Israeli bomb went unmourned in much of the West, but not in the liberal British daily the Guardian. It wrote a laudatory obituary, giving fits to Mary Katharine Ham at the Weekly Standard blog.

“The Guardian is now eulogizing terrorist leaders in official ‘obituaries’ chock-full of euphemisms and moral equivalence. Not news stories, but obituaries.

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