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Then there’s Phil Niekro, but he was released by the Braves after 20 seasons and subsequently signed with the Yankees.

Another example: Willie Mays was dealt to the Mets in his 22nd season with the Giants - but again, that was a trade.

Maybe Smoltz has broken new ground here.


Speaking of the Sox, if minor league prospect Daniel Bard is scheduled to pitch to Josh Bard at any point this season, they should move the game to Avon, Conn.


The Browns have fired one former Bill Belichick assistant, Romeo Crennel, and replaced him with another, Eric Mangini. And if Mangini doesn’t work out, well, maybe Charlie Weis will be available by then.


Bill Romanowski, meanwhile, has reportedly expressed interest in the Broncos’ coaching job - further proof that steroids cause brain damage.


Who do you suppose Romo would bring in as defensive coordinator, his anger management counselor?


Can’t make up my mind which was more futile - the Cowboys, trailing 44-3 in the fourth quarter, kicking a field goal against the Eagles in the regular-season finale, or South Carolina, trailing 31-7 in the fourth quarter, booting a field goal against Iowa in the Outback Bowl.

It’s a tough call, you have to admit. The particulars:

— The Cowboys faced a fourth-and-15 at the Philadelphia 24 with 7:49 left. But get this: After Nick Folk booted a 42-yarder, they didn’t even bother to onside kick!

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