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“The real commitment to the grass roots isn’t ending; it continues,” the source said.

Geneva Clark, of Cincinnati, said Mr. Obama encouraged her to get more involved at every level even though she was fed up with city leaders who “could care less” about the people they serve.

“Barack Obama was right, that it’s about us. He didn’t say ‘I can.’ He said, ‘We can,’ ” she said. “His campaign for the grass-roots movement is still going on.”

Even though she balances several jobs and is feeling the economic pinch, Miss Clark took his call to action to heart during the campaign, participating in the election with phone banking and door knocking in a way she never had before.

“I was giving money every time they asked,” she said, as the other lunch guests laughed and nodded. “I knew that if he made it, or didn’t make it, I did not want to have to sit and say all I did was run my mouth.”

Since then, she has participated in his national day of service and plans to stay engaged.

Internet movement

Each person in the room at the Oceanaire restaurant in downtown Washington was on the Obama e-mail list, and they said they regularly watched his YouTube videos.

As a testament to how technology has reshaped the political landscape, each person had been invited to the lunch via e-mail or Facebook.

Rabiyyah Malik-Jones, of North Augusta, S.C., told the group that technology helped her convince her Republican boss to support Mr. Obama.

He told her he had some concerns about the Democrat’s plans and was waiting to hear the news address his issue of interest.

“I told him, ‘No, You can go right online and read about it.’ And he told me he realized ‘I like this guy,’ ” she said as the group nodded. “That changed his mind to actually be able to see his platform right there on the Internet.”

Ms. Myers was first influenced to pay attention to Mr. Obama’s candidacy by her daughter Kristin, who volunteered for him at school.

“It’s hard for me to understand how someone cannot be touched when he speaks,” she said.

Ms. Myers said that because of technology, “I felt like I knew Barack Obama.”

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