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Former President George W. Bush, a former part-owner of the Texas Rangers franchise, threw out several first pitches and also was known to love sports. His first year in office, Mr. Bush hosted six teams and some Hall of Fame inductees at the White House, according to a tally kept by Mark Knoller of CBS News, the unofficial presidential historian for the press corps.

The Obama White House is similarly sports-obsessed, and Mr. Obama has Mr. Bush beat - the current president has hosted nine teams in less than six months.

“Bush in total hosted 40 sports teams [over eight years]. Obama is on his way to besting that record,” said John Sayle Watterson, author of “The Games Presidents Play: Sports and the Presidency.”

Mr. Obama also works sports references into just about everything - noting his Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is a “lifelong” New York Yankees fan and lauding the Russian-born Mr. Ovechkin, hockey’s reigning most valuable player, during a speech in Moscow last week.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig told reporters in St. Louis that the White House accepted his invitation for Mr. Obama to throw the opening pitch within 24 hours, noting that made him happy because Mr. Obama has had such a busy schedule this month.

“No matter what one thinks politically, right or left or whatever, this is a big thing. The players will enjoy it. The fans will enjoy it,” Mr. Selig said.

Mr. Ganis and Mr. Watterson said Mr. Obama is unusual among politicians because he is such an overt fan of his preferred teams - though he did waffle on his World Series choice when teams from the swing states of Florida (the Tampa Bay Rays) and Pennsylvania (the Phillies) were competing in October.

The White House feed has posted photos of the president with a golf club or basketball, as well as 14 photos of Mr. Obama with a football. The administration also posted video of Mr. Obama shooting hoops with the University of Connecticut champion women’s basketball team.

Some are frustrated that the new president has not shown the local D.C. teams much love. The only Washington game he attended was when the Washington Wizards played the Bulls on Feb. 27 - one night after he treated the Chicago team to a White House tour. He sat courtside at the Verizon Center during the game.

This White House frequently issues e-mails offering “readouts” of Mr. Obama’s meetings and phone calls with foreign leaders. This summer, it also put out details of Mr. Obama’s calls to Stanley Cup-winning Pittsburgh Penguins coach Dan Bylsma and Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson.

The president congratulated each coach on their championship seasons and invited them to the White House. Mr. Obama went further with Jackson, expressing “interest in the Lakers’ innovative triangle offense,” according to the official White House “readout” of the call.

At 86 words, the Jackson readout was shorter than the 123-word readout of Mr. Obama’s calls to the Japanese prime minister on North Korea’s nuclear test, but was 20 words longer than the official report on Mr. Obama’s June call to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

• Mark Zuckerman in St. Louis and John Taylor in Washington contributed to this report.