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“I don’t think [James] thought I was going to dunk it, so he jumped late,” Crawford told Fox Sports.

And the rest has become the stuff of summertime legend.

And that leads to an obvious point.

If James had a self-deprecating bone in his body, a modicum of humility, he would not have allowed the Nike representative to confiscate the videos. He would have laughed about the dunk. He would have had fun with it. And his sympathizers in the media would have limited the damage.

It was, after all, a nothing pickup game in the summer, when common sense tells you that James hardly was exerting his multimillion-dollar self.

That is what James should have done. He should have showed a side of himself that is not so self-absorbed and consumed with his image.

Instead, this nonevent has received considerable traction, especially on the Internet, because it confirms anew what we already know about James.

He is spoiled and pampered, accustomed to having everyone genuflect in his presence.

And if someone forgets this golden rule, as Crawford did, then James has the offensive evidence picked up and presumably locked away.

That is the James we have all come to find annoying on occasion.

It is the James who wears a T-shirt that has the following message inscribed on it: “LBJ… MVP.”

That T-shirt reflects just how insufferable James can be.