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Taxpayer dollars spent to support the racist agenda of Planned Parenthood could have been spent in various other ways to support and protect people in need — the homeless, elderly and unborn. Why are we forced to give our tax dollars to a racist organization that was founded to limit the numbers of Negroes in America?

For too long, our black leaders have walked with blinders on — we have ignored the screams and tears of our children being ripped from the womb. We have been guilty of looking the other way while our children were targeted for death.

But we are coming together and we realize abortion will not go away until we bring this travesty out into the light and act to protect the very lives being disregarded. The hateful agenda of Planned Parenthood must be stopped, and we as a society must not sit by and allow children to be killed.

Those of us who serve God acknowledge we are all made in his image. For us, blessed is the fruit of the womb. If God says children are a reward, a gift and our heritage, then we must uphold that all children are greatly valuable and desirable, indeed.

Day Gardner is president of the National Black Pro-life Union.