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I was hoping Ms. Lee and the caucus understood that abortion is not just another surgical or medical procedure that is hygienic and safe, but that abortion is an intrinsically evil act that gravely violates the dignity of an innocent human being by taking his or her life and gravely wounds the dignity of those who support it. It leaves those who commit it in profound psychological and moral trauma.

I was hoping Ms. Lee and the caucus saw that abortion is the lie that promises to improve the “quality of life” at the expense of life and that embracing abortion as a necessary social policy to guarantee life would result ultimately in the end of life. I hoped they would share my opinion that the road to prosperity is not paved by sacrificing our posterity.

I also hoped they were aware that Planned Parenthood’s annual report in April showed a 5.3 percent rise in its abortion business and increased taxpayer funding. I hoped they would agree that forcing taxpayers to fund abortion (an elective procedure) was objectionable, that removing conscience protections from citizens who believed the overwhelming biological evidence for the humanity of the unborn child and that “momma was pregnant with child” was an abomination.

Apparently, I was hoping against hope itself.

Neither Ms. Lee nor the Congressional Black Caucus has responded to my request for help in rescuing the lives of women and unborn children.

Ultimately, I was convicted of two counts of prohibited harassment of individuals seeking access to health care facilities (i.e., abortion clinic) as I had stood on a public sidewalk, within 100 feet of an abortion clinic, holding a sign and literature and talking to people. For this I served 19 days in jail.

Today I no longer hope that Ms. Lee and the Congressional Black Caucus will respond to the cries of unborn children and their mothers, who are suffering profound psychological and moral trauma from the prenatal murder of their own children. No.

Today I demand that Ms. Lee and the caucus respond to the cries of unborn children by electing to stop taking money from Planned Parenthood and hold hearings on the organization’s targeting of minority communities.

Won’t you join me?

The Rev. Walter B. Hoye II is founder and president of the Issues4Life Foundation.