- - Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hostage standoff ends

SOUTH WINDSOR — A Connecticut man who held his ex-wife hostage for hours and then refused to leave their burning home has been taken away in an ambulance.

The woman is out safely.

Firefighters surrounding the burning home say Richard Shenkman was in custody and was taken away early Wednesday morning. There’s no immediate word from police or a description of Shenkman’s condition.

Shenkman kept police at bay for hours Tuesday. Police say he abducted his estranged wife outside her Hartford office. He missed a court hearing Tuesday morning related to the couple’s contentious divorce proceeding, which extended three years.

Police say Nancy Tyler left the house Tuesday evening, but several dozen gunshots were heard after police cut power to the neighborhood. The house soon ignited, and police urged Shenkman to get out.

Shenkman’s attorney, Hugh Keefe, had said he hoped for a peaceful outcome.


Rodney King police witness kills self

LOS ANGELES — A veteran Los Angeles police detective who testified at the Rodney King trial killed herself after walking into the lobby of a suburban sheriff’s station, authorities said Tuesday.

Detective Susan Clemmer, 41, was a gang narcotics officer who worked for the department for nearly 20 years, sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said. She was unmarried.

“She walked in with a box of personal items and placed it on the counter,” Mr. Whitmore said.

He declined to describe the items because they are part of the investigation into the 9 p.m. Monday shooting at the Santa Clarita station.

A pregnant deputy tried to help Detective Clemmer before the shooting, but Detective Clemmer wouldn’t talk to her, Mr. Whitmore said. A male deputy did have a conversation with Detective Clemmer.

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