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To which Mr. Moser responds: “It’s still a more relaxing way to travel because you’re not in charge of the driving.”

However, Mr. Schwieterman says, this traffic unpredictability may be part of the reason why the business clientele is not - literally - on-board yet.

“Arrival time is always an ‘educated guess,’ ” Mr. Schwieterman says - which might not be good enough if you’re trying to make an important business meeting.

Still, even business ridership is growing, Mr. Moser says, as companies are trying to save money in this troubled economy.

Mr. Moser says it’s gratifying to know that, beyond making money, he and other bus operators are helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions by tens of thousands of tons each year by getting people out of their cars and into buses.

“It’s the greenest form of travel,” he says.

And this is another inducement to the green-conscious, tech-savvy, young urban dwellers who have helped make intercity buses newly chic.

“They’re making a statement by taking the bus,” Mr. Schwieterman says.