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The key is for the United States to hit the Iranians so hard and so fast with such overwhelming and devastating force that they have no chance to react or recover, something the Israelis alone cannot do unless they nuke Iran.

Never before has an American president faced a more fateful decision. Fortunately, however,the risk of military action is inconsequential as compared to the risk of inaction.

A possible temporary interference with the flow of Persian Gulf oil, for instance, as bad as it would be, would not begin to equate to the consequences of an EMP attack on the United States. The American people must understand that no less than the survival of our nation as we know it today is at stake and that circumstances beyond our control could prompt a catastrophic EMP attack upon us at any moment. In my view, absolutely nothing can justify our living with such a horrific risk for one day longer than we must.

Because the public and most of the Congress have little or no understanding of the nuclear doomsday hanging over us, it is imperative to immediately begin a national debate on this issue. Only such a debate may prompt us to overcome our biggest weakness: The seeming inability of too many Americans - including our present leadership, to come to grips with the idea that some of our enemies would willingly self-destruct if they could take us down. So tragically, since we won’t act on what we won’t believe, it will very likely take a cataclysmic catastrophe to bring us to our senses - but only after it’s too late.

It is past time for America to get its head out of the sand if we are to prevent a looming nuclear doomsday.

Roger Chapin is founder and president of Make America Safe, a new San Diego-based policy and educational organization focused on the threat posed by radical Islamics to U.S. national security.