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Regardless of whether the Wizards keep the pick, they feel comfortable with the position in which they stand because of their options.

“[The pick] is like icing on the cake,” said Saunders, who carried a good-luck silver medallion with an angel engraved on it. “You’ve got a good foundation, and we’re going to be able to add to it. We have the luxury of being very flexible. Ernie’s put himself in a position to be very flexible. You’ve got the pick. You’ve got players that have expiring contracts. You know, the [32nd overall] pick in the second round is a good pick, too. A lot of people like having those high second picks because you don’t have to guarantee players for all that time and you can get a pretty good player there.

“It gives our management team a lot of flexibility, but it makes them really have to do their homework,” Saunders added.