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“Today, 3,000 kids will die in Africa,” Adm. Ziemer said.

He said that over the years and thanks to the help of Africare, the prevalence and mortality rate of malaria has dropped 62 percent and 30 percent respectively. There has been much success from spray and bed nets provided to communities.

Africare is working in 20 African countries, including Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Uganda. It has noted its recent distribution of thousands of insecticide-treated bed nets in Nigeria and Zambia; an increased number of pregnant women receiving preventative malaria treatments; and the training of more than 300 nurses in malaria testing, treatment and communication.

Mr. Legend, known for his heartfelt lyrics and passion, spoke of growing up in the church, listening to sermons and gaining a “strong sense of morality.”

“Searching for the truth is a process, and our world needs more people in that process,” Mr. Legend said. “A commitment to truth will lead us to social justice.”

The soul singer said his work is far from finished.

What is soul?

“Soulfulness and truth are closely related,” Mr. Legend said. “Soul is about authenticity, finding what is real and finding what is right. I’ve found soul in my philanthropy work.”

He encouraged everyone to do their work “with soul.”