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You have to believe groups like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are a pernicious threat to the souls of our nation’s youth - but that the men and women who salivate over pornographic images mean our youngsters no harm.

You have to believe that immersing oneself day after day in deviant sexual imagery has no discernible impact on one’s mind, morals, habits, attitudes or relationships with children and people of the opposite sex.

You have to believe that - if the government would just leave them alone - young people living in a culture awash with hypersexualized imagery, language, programming, fashion and entertainment and given instant and unlimited access to technology, will deliberately discipline themselves not to send “sext” messages or lewd pictures of themselves and others over their cell phones, laptops and home computers. In other words, you have to believe the unbelievable to justify defending the indefensible.

Faced with the astonishing apathy of so many judges, legislators and government officials on an issue with such devastating implications for our most vulnerable citizens, it’s hard not to think that those who would pay any price to sustain their lucrative traffic in pornography are delighted to have found federal law enforcers who buy into their agenda.

Of course, the pornographers have the best lawyers and public relations teams billions can buy - and besides, they’ll get their money back and then some. But their profits, and this Justice Department’s passivity, are already costing the rest of us two things a great nation can ill afford to lose: the high moral ground and the souls of our children.

It’s hard to believe that’s the future our president, a man who so beautifully and publicly demonstrates his love for his daughters, wants for any of our children.

Alan Sears is president, chief executive officer and general counsel of the traditional-values Alliance Defense Fund and was executive director of the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography under President Reagan.