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Arenas dislocated the finger on his nonshooting hand “two or three” weeks ago, Saunders said. It started swelling Wednesday after it was banged in practice.

“We taped it up, and he went through a lot of stuff,” Saunders said. “We held him out of scrimmage from that standpoint. … But he did all the drills and did everything early.”

Arenas took part in the end-of-practice sprints but appeared to be favoring his left knee and jogging gingerly. Saunders was adamant that the surgically repaired knee was not an issue.

“Everything’s fine,” he said. “He has no problems at all. If we had a game today, he’d be playing.”

Arenas didn’t give an update on his condition. While leaving the locker room and heading to the team bus, he declined an interview request.

“I’m not talking,” he said. “I’ll see you guys media day of next year.”