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The makers of “Not Evil Just Wrong” have bypassed the Hollywood distribution system by organizing grassroots, private showings in homes, churches, schools and think tanks. On opening night they screened their documentary 6,000 times in 27 countries.

Ann McElhinney tells me how she was transformed from “really liberal” to environmental conservative when she saw mindless policies destroying lives in the developing world.

The film describes the tragedy of DDT, the miracle insecticide that almost eradicated the mosquito that carries the malaria virus. But DDT was banned after publication of Rachel Carson’s 1962 best-seller, “Silent Spring.”

Millions in Africa have died of malaria since, and after the World Health Organization lifted the ban, concluding that it had acted on unscientific science, the incidence of malaria plummeted. Hysteria has wounded the facts, but the wound may not be mortal.

Suzanne Fields is a syndicated columnist.