EXCLUSIVE: Murtha, Moran steer millions to software firm

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Meanwhile, Mr. Mazonkey acknowledged that Mr. Murtha has continued to get earmarks for MobilVox:

— A $1.45 million earmark in the 2007 appropriations bill for a database to make it easier for the Navy to analyze its information on IEDs.

— An earmark in Homeland Security’s 2009 budget requiring it to spend $1 million to purchase a MobilVox geospatial tool to help law enforcement respond to terrorist attacks. It was his only earmark in the Department of Homeland Security budget for that year.

— An additional $2 million for the MobilVox geospatial tool in the 2010 Homeland Security budget, although the request did not appear in the version of the Homeland Security bill that passed the House Appropriations Committee.

Mr. Mazonkey said every earmark request “is properly vetted and, in the end, we recommend funding only those that are cost effective and have value to the government and community.”

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