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Candidates: Shaun Suisham and Dave Rayner.

First three games: The competition never really took off, because neither player got much work. Suisham made one of two field goal tries and one extra point, and Rayner made his only field goal attempt and four extra points. Both players have been serviceable on kickoffs.

Analysis: Zorn and special teams coach Danny Smith were pleased with both kickers in games and practices. If a competition ends in a deadlock, the nod generally goes to the incumbent - in this case, Suisham. Suisham would have to turn in an especially bad performance against the Jaguars for Rayner to seize the position.

Quote: “They’re competing hard,” Zorn said. “We hope they get some kicks in the game so that we can see more. It will be a last-minute decision as we go along because it’s not clear.”

3. The draft picks

Candidates: Brian Orakpo, Kevin Barnes, Cody Glenn, Robert Henson, Marko Mitchell, Eddie Williams and supplemental pick Jeremy Jarmon.

First three games: Orakpo, the only starter in the group, and Mitchell, a seventh-round pick at receiver, shined the most. Orakpo ranks second on the team with 12 tackles, and he has played more than any other defensive starter. Mitchell leads the Redskins with two touchdown catches and has five receptions for 61 yards.

Analysis: Last season, all 10 draft picks made the Week 1 roster, and at least seven are expected to do so this year. Among this year’s picks, Orakpo (strongside linebacker), Jarmon (defensive end) and Barnes (cornerback) are locks. Mitchell (receiver) has played his way onto the roster. Williams, a fullback, is a long shot. Glenn holds the edge over Henson at linebacker.

Quote: “This will be a big test for [Glenn] to see if he can come back and perform at the level of some of the things he had flashed to us earlier in the preseason,” Blache said. “[Rookies] tend to flash. They will flash and get you excited, and then all of a sudden they don’t sustain it because they don’t have the discipline mentally in preparation.”

4. Backup OT

Candidates: D’Anthony Batiste, Jeremy Bridges and Mike Williams.

First three games: The focus is on Williams, whom some at Redskin Park envision as a future starter at right tackle. He played against the Baltimore Ravens but missed the last two games because of an ankle injury.

Analysis: Williams almost certainly will get a roster spot (and Bridges likely will too because he also can play guard). But Williams must show he has quick-enough feet to handle an agile pass rusher and the stamina to withstand three quarters of action.

Quote: “It should be fun,” Williams said. “I’m feeling good. Everything is back in working order, and I’m about to go out there and turn it loose.”

5. Running back

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